domingo, 17 de enero de 2016

Freya: a Viking Story (¡Única fecha!)

Única Presentación:

Auditorio «Corvera» (3 oriente # 1611-A , 
Col. Ázcarate, Puebla, Pue., México) 
Miércoles 10 de Febrero 2016 . 
9:00 aM

English Level: pre-intermediate / intermediate / upper-intermediate.  CEFR A2 to B2

¡Llámanos y aparta tu lugar!


Prof. Leonardo García

Cel. (22 23) 81 28 99

domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2014

The Tower: Una excelente obra educativa y motivadora


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viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

The Time Machine

¡La MÁQUINA DEL TIEMPO llega a la ciudad de Puebla el próximo lunes 28 de enero 2012!

Aparta tu lugar, asiste, diviértete y aprende con esta divertidísima obra, estupendamente montada.

Auditorio del Centro Escolar Morelos (Puebla, Pue.), 9:00 aM.

Informes con el profesor Leonardo García Alonso: teléfono (222) 246 83 87 (por las tardes), celular (22 23) 81 28 99 (a cualquier hora);

(You might take a look to a presentation of this show at Cambridge School of English by clicking here)


At an important university two bright and idealistic students, Nick and Laurie, are longing for something new, something that could change their everyday life. One morning they accidentally meet while reading a sign posted by a professor looking for an assistant. The professor decides to give both of them an opportunity, and reveals that he is working on a time machine and that he just has to solve a mathematical equation in order to travel through time.

The next morning Laurie suggests they all travel to ancient China to find an extinct plant, which can produce a thousand times more oxygen than any plant living today. This plant could help the planet recover from increasing pollution.

Once in the past, they find the plant is closely guarded by Li Tao Ming. Nick distracts him while Laurie tries to take the plant, but a mysterious man comes out of the time machine. Laurie tries to warn Nick but she is quickly pushed into the machine together with the plant and they are whizzed to the future.

Nick and Li Tao Ming discover Laurie and the plant are missing. They follow their tracks through time to the year 2056. They arrive in a dark, cold world, where oxygen is sold in the streets, and it is worth more than gold.

The mysterious man is not alone. He has other plans for the plant and his prisoner Laurie.


(This work is played by the international cº Artspot)


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miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

Theatre In Education

Theatre is being used as a respected and acknowledged educational tool worldwide.

Theatre in Education (TIE) started as a separate art form and educational activity. The teaching evolved in its mission into a practical, plausible mission.

Theatre in Education has progressed from this point, and although it differs from its original form its primary aim is to use theatre and drama to create a wide range of learning opportunities across the whole curriculum. TIE companies will take a particular curriculum subject or topic and build a show or workshop around it.

The TIE shows will usually , even to larger groups, involve audience participation on some level and this encourages an emotional connection to the work, making it more memorable. As well as learning about subjects and issues through drama by participating the pupils are also developing other social and interactive skills such as communication, public speaking, negotiation, awareness of themselves and others, teamwork, improved concentration, and self confidence. Theatre elements are applicable in teaching core subjects, when using imagination. It is even suitable for handicapped students.

Theatre in education works on a fundamental level because it is interactive.

Theatre in education looks at reality through fantasy with the eyes of a child; employs theatre as "primary" teaching-learning tools; educating all levels of intelligence, young and adult, focusing on academic advancement of the learner.

Theatre should be an integral part of the curricula, a tool for academia and community; closely related to other tools such as seminars, workshops, and lectures.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world", said Albert Einstein.

Imagination is the means of trying it all together —the mission, the vision, and implementation— of Theatre in Education (TIE) into our educational system is the next logical step in holistic learning (Dr. Einstein would be pleased).

The proverbial 'door' of imagination opens new worlds of opportunity for educating; wherein imagination is utilized as a primary research and teaching tool, placing the student with limited knowledge, but unlimited imagination, at the center of the learning process. It leads every unique persona to his "own" learning style.

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